Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Have you considered purchasing adjustable dumbbells for your home workout routine? Using the best equipment can add variety to your workout, and help you increase the success of your fitness goals.

Owning a pair of adjustable dumbbells is comparable to having access to an entire rack of traditional gym dumbbells. Finding the right pair can be difficult due to each brand’s defined standard of ultimate quality, this article will demystify this problem by comparing the two top brands.

Adjustable Dumbbells

The Select-Tech dumbbells have been designed with two dials on each end for selecting the amount of weight desired, and the max weight for each dumbbell is 90 pounds. When lifted out of its cradle the desired amount of plates is moved from the rest of the set.

Power-Block’s Elite Dumbbells require users to select the desired amount of weight with a removable weight clip, and the color-coded design aids with selected the desired amount of weight. The set weighs a total of 90 pounds and has a rectangle shape, additional weight can be added within the handle’s casing.

The main differences between the two dumbbell brands are adaptability, and how fast each set can be adjusted. The Select-Tech dumbbells are faster to use but the weight is off center, unlike the Power-Block Elite.

Best Overall Adjustable Dumbbells

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PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

The overall design of the Power-Block Elite dumbbells does not mimic the look of traditional dumbbells. Instead, it’s unique block design allows you to complete exercises without much bulk getting in the way.

With this in mind, the Power-Block Elite dumbbells is a brilliant value because of its expandability, smaller design, and balanced distribution of each weight plate.

What we didn’t like includes the weight clips used to select the number of pounds desired for each exercise, because it can snag onto your clothes if you are not careful.

You have to pay attention that the pin clips are pushed into the correct holes, this seems to slow down the pace of the workout.

However, we did like the fact that these adjustable dumbbells did feel similar to traditional weights when performing a wide variety of different exercise.

We liked the ability to add more weight to the hollow handles with cylinder weights.

Because of the overall block design, it is easier to preform polymeric exercises such as burpees with the Power-Blocks Elite dumbbells.

Best Budget Adjustable Dumbbells

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Bowflex Select-Tech 1090

Bowflex’s Select-Tech 1090 dumbbells have been designed with the look of traditional dumbbells, and the functionality of having an entire rack of dumbbells within a small space. This set is easier to use and will help you transition to every exercise smoothly when changing the amount of desired weight.

What we did not like about the Bowflex Sect-Tech 1090 dumbbells is the ability to perform specific exercises with better precision due to the larger design, and uneven weight distribution of each plate.
You have to design you work-out around the design of the dumbbells if you want to experience better results.

However, you can perform more exercises which require isolation of larger muscle groups or working at a faster pace.

We did like how easy it is to use the Bowflex Select-Tech 1090, you can perform exercises like triceps extensions with weight plates on a single end.

Due to the overall design of this set of dumbbells, performing HIIT, supersets, or intervals will be easier.


Value Section

You can use the manufacture’s stand for the dumbbells, by doing so you can speed up your workout. Moreover, you can save your lower back from unneeded physical stress when using a stand.

The downside of using a stand that it will take up more space in your room. However, having a stand is not a major requirement.

Both men and women can use adjustable dumbbells and may expect to have a better work-out because it eliminates the need for an entire rack of separate dumbbells.

Unlike traditional dumbbells, you cannot drop adjustable dumbbells onto the floor. This can permanently damage the set or can cause minor damages.

The difference between the Bowflex Select-Tech 1090 and the Power-Block Elite plates is the distribution of weight. Most of the weigh is located at the bottom of the Select-Tech dumbbell plates.

Yet, due to the plastic and rubber coating on the Sect-Tech’s plates, it can be easier to use or care for over an extended period of time. This is typically true if you like to tap your weights on each or every other rep.


After a strong review of both products, the best adjustable dumbbells is the Power-Block Elite. The only minor problem we had is rotating the pin side of the dumbbells away from the body.

The Bowflex Select-Tech 1090 was easier to use when selecting the amount of desired weight, but the Power-Block’s overall design won us over.

The compact design of the Power-Block Elite allows the user to experience more exercises with a wider range of motion. The ability to perform plyometric exercises with these dumbbells is a strong plus.

Bodybuilders and the average user will be able to appreciate the ability to use three differ tiers of combined weight totaling up to 90 pounds per dumbbell. These dumbbells are user friendly and are extremely expandable.