Best Baseball Bat

Choosing a baseball bat is difficult, but at the same time you need a high quality bat in order to be able to play for a long time. We’ve started the search for you to narrow things down and get you the bat that you need to enjoy yourself.

The Best Baseball Bat

The best baseball bat is going to be sturdy, made with high quality wood or aluminum and it’s going to last a long time. This type of bat is designed to last for many different games and help you improve your game overall at the same time.

A bat should be long enough that it gets good contact and helps you connect, but it shouldn’t be too long or you won’t be able to control it. This means that you have to do a little bit of looking to find what’s the ideal length for your size.

Your bat should have a good fit so that you can grab the base easily and hold onto it firmly while you’re going. You want to make sure it’s just the right width so you’re not struggling to get your hands around it but you’re also not struggling to hold on.


Finally, make sure your baseball bat is going to fit what you want to do because different bats are designed for baseball versus softball and for youth versus adults. You want a bat that will help you with every game you’re going to play.

Best Overall Baseball Bat

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DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord FT BBCOR Baseball Bat

The DeMarini Voodoo baseball bat is designed to work great for your professional baseball games while also looking super cool at the same time.

This bat comes in five different sizes to fit your height and needs perfectly. It comes in a stylish red color that is accented with plenty of color and really looks like something special while you’re playing as a high schooler or a college student.

It’s designed with D-Fusion FT handle to keep it stiff with just the right amount of flex. It also maximizes the amount of energy transfer from the bat into the ball, which means there are fewer vibrations for you when you hit the ball.

The ION-V end cap makes sure that there is a larger sweet spot where you can hit the ball and get the best possible results on that hit. It gives you a 2 5/8″ barrel diameter, which is allowed for any game you want to play.

  • Very good grip
  • Great end load
  • Designed for power hitters
  • Not ideal for contact hitters
  • Higher price
  • Started to lose its power and pop

Best Budget Baseball Bat

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Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

This bat is designed for most purposes when it comes to playing a game or heading out to play with some friends as well.

The bat is 29″ in overall length to make sure that it fits well with your size and your needs as well. It comes in a black color with a more plain style, but it’s still sleek and glossy to make sure your set looks great while you’re going out.

Made with polypropylene, this bat is considered nearly indestructible. It is designed to hit anything that comes your way without having to worry about breaking or about losing your grip as it’s designed to keep you ready for anything.

The Cold Steel bat is lightweight, so it’s easy to swing and carry with you. It’s also resistant to things like break, rot, cracking, splintering or even fading because it’s made with a hardcore product rather than wood or traditional aluminum.

  • Nearly unbreakable because of polypropylene material
  • Long enough for most use
  • Extremely hard for any use
  • Allowable in most situations including Little League
  • Words come off from the base near the handle
  • Balance feels a little off
  • A little small

Value of the Best Baseball Bat

The best baseball bat should provide you with a sturdy ‘frame’ to build off. You need something that is strong and will be able to hit the ball no matter how hard it’s thrown, without breaking (at least not the first time).

You want a bat also that’s going to fit you comfortably so you can stand and hold it without struggling under the weight or length. You need it to be sized to you and this will depend on things like your height and weight and the way that you grip the bat and even what type of ball you’re playing.

If you have the right bat you’ll be able to hold it easily and firmly as well as swinging it easily at anything coming your way. You’ll also be able to hit the right type of ball depending on the design and the overall build of the bat that you use.

Your bat may not work for just anyone because it is sized for you and your needs. Someone who is a different size or build than you may not be able to use it and this should be considered if you’re looking for a bat for the family or for a team.


Overall, the DeMarini 2015 is the best option if you’re looking for a high quality bat that is going to stand up to just about anything. It has a lot of features including a specially formed handle and end cap to give you the right amount of flex and energy transfer.

This bat also has a large sweet spot for you to hit the ball and easily get it to go anywhere you want it to. You’ll be able to use this bat in high school or in college as well as for any fun games you might want to play with your friends and family.