Best Baseball

America’s pastime is what the game of baseball is popularly known as. For many years baseball was the game that was watched by just about everyone; kids were eager to play catch together and get together teams to play the game whenever possible. Along with the occasional game was a strong hope to one day be able to play the game professionally. One thing is for sure, without the actual baseball itself, no one from professionals all the way down to the children that hope to one day be a professional and everyone in between wouldn’t be able to play this great game without the actual baseball itself.

The Best Baseballs

Knowing what a good baseball consists of and how it is made is essential in making sure that you are getting the best baseballs that you could possibly have. Baseballs are made from several layers and a good baseball will be in the following manner.

Good CoverStitchingThe windingsSize

The traditional ball cover will be made of long-lasting leather. This is what many baseball players choose to use… it offers a grip that is more secure and it allows for there to be consistent playing as well as durability. There are some new balls that will use synthetic covers; these balls will be less expensive.

it is generally going to be found in three categories: rolled, flat or raised. It is really good for beginners to play with a ball that has a seam that is raised. It’s easier for them to grip and control the ball when the seam is raised. Professionals in the MLB use baseballs that have a rolled seam… these balls will create less air friction. Baseballs that have a flat seam are generally used in pitching machines. These baseballs are difficult to grip and control.

This is what is on the inside of your baseball. Generally there is a small corked core that is covered in rubber; that is wrapped in wool yarn and there are many layers of this. That is then layered with a cover.
the best baseballs will be around 9 and 9 ¼ inches in terms of circumference. They generally weight between 5 and 5 ¼ ounces.

Now that you know what helps in making a baseball, and what to look for when you’re searching for the best baseballs, let’s see what is on the market.

Best Overall Baseball

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SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs

This safety ball looks just like a baseball. It has a construction that is soft which makes it the perfect ball for young players to learn the game of baseball and to be able to get the proper techniques of batting as well as playing in the outfield without the fear of being hurt while they are learning. This will allow them to be able to focus on bettering their skills of coordination.

This ball has a 9 inch circumference and looks just like the standard baseball. This is great for training because there won’t need to be adjustments made because the training ball wasn’t the same as the regulation balls.

The SKLZ Reduced Impact Safety Baseballs are safe and great for a new or young player.

  • Soft construction
  • 9 inch circumference
  • Great baseball for beginners
  • Lighter than regulation baseballs
  • Pleather material
  • Customers say these baseballs don’t last long

Best Budget Baseball

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Wilson A1010s Blem Baseballs

This is the perfect baseball if you are looking to find a great practice baseball. They have great Seam Technology which gives the fielders as well as the pitchers control and accuracy that is superior for sure.

These baseballs also have Dura-Core Technology; this allows the baseball to keep it’s hardness 15% better than other baseballs that are on the market. The core has been made from a Red Cushioned Cork; this allows the ball to maintain its energy when the ball and the bat collide.

Wilson A1010s Blem Baseballs are standout baseballs and are a great choice.

  • Made with full grain leather
  • Professional quality baseball
  • 9 inch ball
  • No NFHS stamp
  • Customers don’t like the quality
  • Customers complained about the seam coming off


Value Of Finding The Baseballs

Getting a baseball that has value is important. You don’t want to spend your money on a ball that can only take a few passes between people, just two or three throws on a mat or just one hit from a bat. You want a baseball that has been constructed correctly and one that you will be able to get your money’s worth out of. Baseballs endure a lot of “wear and tear”, they go through a lot, so getting a baseball that has value is important.


All in all looking at what baseballs that are regulation baseballs are made of and how they are supposed to be, it can be said that to find a baseball that is considered the best can be done. From the baseballs that were researched and reviewed, it seems to be that the Wilson A1010s Blem Baseballs are the better of the two. Remember when you are looking to get a baseball keep in mind what you will be using it for and who will be using it. Will it be for practice only, is it a beginner or someone that is advanced in the game. All of these things and so much more goes into what type of baseball you need to have. You don’t want to get the wrong ball and fell bad about it after the fact.