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Playing outside is a fun way to enjoy yourself whether with some friends or with your family. With a basketball you can enjoy yourself and get some exercise at the same time.

Of course, when it comes to just about anything finding the right one can be difficult and a basketball is no exception. You want to make sure you have something good quality and that’s where we come in to help.

Product Summary

The most important thing when you’re looking at a basketball is making sure it’s going to hold up over the long term. Most basketballs will be fine for a short while, but in not too long they can get deflated or crack if you don’t shop carefully.

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Spalding Neverflat Outdoor Basketball
Style Street Basketball Never Flat Basketball
Material Rubber Cover Composite Leather
Fill Air Only NitroFlate to Keep Air In
Size Official Size Official Size
Price $ $$$
What Others Liked Works well on outdoor court Works well on indoor and outdoor court
What Others Disliked Starts to deflate quickly Very rough over long term use

Reviews of the Best Basketball

Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Check it out yourself here.

The Spalding NBA Street Basketball stands out most because it is inexpensive. You get an official size basketball that stands up to use on a hard, outdoor court.

The material of this ball is a standard rubber cover with a rough ‘pebbled’ finish. The pebble design is very grippy and bounces well on hard courts, though it feels a little too heavy on indoor courts.

The official size of this ball means that you can play a real game with friends and family. It is easy to get used to and allows you to practice or just have fun.

Customer Reviews

“This basketball is great for playing outdoors because of the grip and the durability. It’s able to stand up to even the hardest of outdoor courts and bounces easily.”

“With this basketball I can play on the hard ground outside without any problems. It bounces on anything and also doesn’t wear down, though it loses air a little too quickly.”

  • Inexpensive to purchase or replace
  • Bounces on any surface, including harder surfaces
  • Good grip for bouncing and shooting
  • Somewhat heavy to use when indoors
  • Starts to lose air more quickly than others
  • Feels somewhat plastic-like

Spalding Never Flat

Check it out yourself here. 

What stands out most about the Spalding Never Flat Basketball is that it includes NitroFlate and special membrane to keep the air from seeping out. This helps the ball to stay firm and full without having to refill it continuously.

This ball is more expensive than others, but that’s what makes it a good all-around choice. The fact that it is made with composite leather and stays inflated makes it worth a higher price tag for convenience and quality.

This ball is an official size so it’s designed for a real game. It can be used indoors or outdoors for some practice with a team or some fun with the family.

Customer Reviews

“This ball is great because I’m able to play a whole lot longer without having to worry about inflating a ball. It is designed for outdoor use but can easily be used indoors as well.”

“With this ball I can easily play in the woodsy area near my house without worrying about damage. It seems able to stand up to anything including sharp objects and still stay inflated and firm.”

  • Doesn’t need to be reinflated
  • Extremely grippy and tacky
  • Stands up to just about anything including sharp objects
  • Is very rough on your fingers over long-term
  • Can’t be refilled with air if it ever runs out
  • Not designed for indoor use

The Best Overall Value

How to Choose a Basketball

You want to choose a basketball that will work in the conditions that you want. There are indoor basketballs, outdoor basketballs and indoor/outdoor basketballs so you want to know where you’re going to use it.

Look at the material that the ball is made of to determine how long it should last. A rubber ball will not last as long as a leather or even a leather composite because it is not designed for longevity.

Make sure you pay attention to what is in the ball as well. Some balls with have just air, while others will have a special nitro material that will keep them from deflating as quickly.

The grip on the ball should be enough that you can hold it easily but not too rough. You want something that will let you play for a longer period of time without chaffing at your hands and fingers.

Look for an official size basketball that will allow you to play a real game. This type of ball will be more natural to play with for anyone but a small child.

Things to Look For

Look for a ball that is durable in the right environment. If you’re going to play outdoors you want a ball that is prepared for the weather but an outdoor ball can help hold up in an indoor atmosphere as well.

Look for a ball that is fully inflated and ready to use so you know that it is not going to deflate. Also look at something with nitro to keep it inflated over a long term.

Make sure your ball is made by a company that you can trust. There are some brands, like Spalding, that are known for making a high quality product that lasts and they stand behind their products.


Overall, the Spalding NBA Street Basketball is the best option. It is an inexpensive ball that will give you a lot of the same features as the more expensive version.

This ball may go flat more quickly than some and it doesn’t have the Never Flat feature, but it is easy to refill. For the price difference this is not a terrible inconvenience and doesn’t take a lot of time.

With this ball you get a quality name brand as well as a durable, grippy surface. It’s designed for outdoor use but can easily be used indoors as well.

This ball is an official size for natural gameplay and it is made with a durable rubber that stands up to normal wear and tear. It’s designed to work on any outdoor surface.