Best Bike Helmet

When buying the best bike helmet, you want a decent product which gives you value for money and has good customer reviews. Safety, comfort and looking good are your basic goals. It can be difficult to choose the best bike helmet because the needs of cyclists are different. Some cyclists are into competing and others cycle to commute to places or ride for recreation.

When searching for the best bike helmet, as well as looking great and being safe, you need to think about things like the conditions you will be cycling in: climate, general weather, terrain and road conditions. Are you dealing with hazards like a lot of traffic?

The Best Bike Helmets

Made in America, the Giro Trinity Helmet may be the best bike helmet for you. It meets the safety standards required by the EU. The overall verdict according to a 2016 Cycling Weekly review is that the helmet is slightly bulky, but, well constructed and trustworthy. It is a good option for the best bike helmet for commuters or new cyclists and triathletes just getting into competitions.

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Giro use an ‘Acu dial retention system’ which allows easy adjustment of helmet tightness with one hand. The inside of the helmet is comfortable, considered to be a good shape and with sufficient padding. A bonus feature is that after a lot of riding, the padding can be removed for washing when required. This feature is rare on entry level bike helmets which are available in this price range. An added layer of mesh is practical and also helps deter annoying flies when you are riding. It was noted this helmet weighed 300g for a 54 cm to 61 cm (21 to 24 inches) medium size. Essentially, it is made well, looks good and there is a choice of several colors. This may be the best bike helmet for you.

Price ranges vary and it is wise to keep in mind the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for‘ when choosing the best bike helmet. The Giro Trinity is marketed as being a ‘universal fit’. Some cyclists who have bought and reviewed the bike helmet say it is only suitable for small to medium head size. It is marketed as a unisex product.

Some cyclists liked the dial on rear of the straps which assisted with adjustment and fitting. This was a feature appreciated by a male who had bought the best bike helmet suitable for his girl friend. The dial allowed him to assist her with safe fitting prior to riding. Others did not find the straps comfortable around the ear region, but, that can be dealt with by adding some form of padding. One rider said that the universal size did not allow for his long curly hair. The product dimensions of the Giro Trinity helmet are 15 x 10 x 8 inches and the Shipping Weight is 1.5 pounds.

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In comparison, the Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet from Team Obsidian is specifically designed for cyclists who are into road or mountain biking and want to find the best bike helmet for them. It is only available in one color: matte black which actually looks good. This quality helmet is CE certified which means it meets the standards of European conformity. That may be something to consider if you are competing and need to meet equipment standards. The thick, expanded polystyrene shell provides good protection if impact occurs. The pads are also washable and the chin pads considered comfortable. The strap design allows for the wearing of pony tails. The 22 air vents do a great job of keeping the rider cool. It is available in 2 sizes: S/M or M/L. A 1 year warranty is also provided. Shipping weight is lighter than the Giro helmet at 15.7 ounces.

The best bike helmet will protect you from head injury. A 2013 Australian medical study showed “Helmet use was associated with a reduced risk of head injury of up to 74%.”

A 2016 study stated in conclusion: “Bicycle helmet use provides protection against severe traumatic brain injury, reduces facial fractures, and saves lives even after sustaining an intracranial hemorrhage.



Both helmets meet safety standards. Both provide protection for head and brain. The exterior shells are designed to withstand impact. Padding is sufficient, but, thinner on the Giro helmet. , The Giro helmet does not cater for larger sizes. The straps are strong and adjustable straps with the rear dial on the Giro helmet.


Both helmets are light weight. A good fit, unless requiring Large size which is not provided by the Giro helmet. Adequate ventilation is provided by both as well as padding on the interior plus adjustable straps.


Both look good. Both are modern. Both are popular. Both are Unisex. Color choice range is available in the Giro helmet.


Both offer value for money when compared to other helmets. Both are affordable and available through Amazon. Customer satisfaction is demonstrated for both helmets.


When these two helmets are compared with each other, the Giro Trinity Helmet seems to be the best bike helmet. It is lightweight, unisex and the rear dial on the straps is a bonus noted by reviewers. Removable inner pads and added mesh make this product attractive to buyers seeking the best bike helmet. It is always good to have the choice of a color range other than the black of the Premium Quality Airflow Bike helmet.