Best Bike Pedals

Getting the best experience out of your bike ride is definitely going to be important but it’s not always about using the tools and equipment that came with your bike when you bought it. Replacing your pedals can get you a better performance and that’s definitely going to help you overall, if you know what you’re actually looking for.

The Best Bike Pedals for a Road Bike

Specialty pedals for your road bike are going to give you a whole lot of additional benefits over the pedals that actually come with your bike because they’re made for higher quality performance. These road bike pedals are going to give you a better fit and keep your feet from slipping while you pedal.

You want pedals that are made of high quality material like aluminum or chrome rather than a plain plastic pedal like the ones that generally come with your road bike. These pedals are going to be more durable and long lasting and will help you get a better experience out of your bike.

Make sure you have pedals that are going to keep your feet stable and balanced both side to side and forward and back. Many of them are going to have clips that you can lock your feet into place and not have to worry about hurting your feet or anything else while you’re riding and when you get moving very quickly.

The Best Overall Bike Pedals for a Road Bike

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Look KEO 2 Max Pedal

These pedals are available in five different colors which all affect the price slightly. The pedals are easy to install with a simple screw in attachment that means you can get them onto your bike and get out for your next ride without a whole lot of hassle.

These pedals are made with composite polyamide as well as stainless steel to create a sturdy and durable frame that will support your foot in the cleats that are required for proper use. They are designed for road training as well as racing.

What We Liked

Overall, a single pair of these pedals will weigh a little over 300 grams and is designed to increase the efficiency as well as the comfort that you feel while you’re riding over traditional pedals. They’re made to fit well and stay stable for a long time, improving your riding experience and still making sure that you’re comfortable while you ride.

  • Good quality pedals
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Color options for style preference
  • Wide pedal but still lightweight
  • Easy to use/install
  • Comes with cleats
  • A little difficult to get into/out of
  • Feel a little stiff
  • Squeaks with the cleats

The Best Budget Bike Pedals for a Road Bike

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Shimano PD-R540 SPD-SL Road Pedals

There are two different options for these pedals with slightly different colors. They are designed to fit a number of road bikes and do so with an easy to use screw attachment.

The pedals come with 5deg float cleats so you’re ready to go as soon as they come in and you’ll be able to clip the cleats in quickly and easily to make sure there’s no slippage while you’re riding. The unit is designed to keep a wide pedal that most prefer while still being lightweight to ride with.

What We Liked

The pedals are made with aluminum and chrome to make them longer lasting while also making sure that they are not going to warp or have other problems while riding over the long term. They are simple and considered an entry-level pedal but provide a good overall fit and style.

  • Clipping in and out is easy
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Improves speed as well as quality
  • Adjusts tension to improve release
  • Difficult to clip back in because pedal slides
  • Bearings are somewhat stiff
  • Bumper plate can get damaged
  • Cleats get worn out when walking

Value of Finding the Best Bike Pedals for a Road Bike

When you find the right bike pedals you’re going to have a much better ride than you will with a traditional set of bike pedals. You’ll be able to keep going better and faster without having to worry about things like your feet slipping off or sliding around and messing with your performance.

The right pedals are also going to help you improve your overall workout and they’re going to make the experience a whole lot more fun. Because you’re going to be doing better you’re definitely going to be enjoying what you’re doing a lot more than if you were having difficulty throughout the ride.

If you get really good pedals you’re also going to like that they last a whole lot longer than your regular pedals or the ones that came on your bike. These pedals are designed to last longer because they’re made of higher quality materials that will withstand not only use but also weather and other types of abuse.


If you want a pedal that’s really going to get you where you want to go then the Shimano PD-R540 is definitely the way to go. It’s a less expensive pedal but still provides all of the same features as well as improving your overall riding experience.

With these pedals and cleats you’ll be able to get a better and faster ride and you’ll have no problem with quality because they are made with sturdy materials. They’re also designed to give you a more standard size pedal while maintaining a lightweight style.