Best Bike Pump

If you really like riding your bike you know how important it is to have the best possible tools to keep it working efficiently. One of those tools is a bike pump but with such a wide variety it’s difficult to know which one is really the best for your needs, which is why we’re here to help.

The Best Bike Pump

A bike pump needs to be small enough that you can carry it with you wherever you go, because that’s when you’re going to need it. That pump also needs to be able to pump enough in one sitting however, that it can easily pump your tires up.

You want a pump that is easy to use and will work the way you want. Not all pumps work the same way and some will be floor pumps while others are small, hand pumps that you have to support yourself.

Another option is that some pumps will tell you how much air your tires need or how much they put into the tires while others require you to know how much air the tire needs. This is more of preference option but it’s something that can be nice to have.

Finally, some pumps will come with extra features or accessories such as a puncture repair kit or additional patches. These are entirely up to you as well and aren’t necessary but can be a nice bonus for your bike pump.

Best Overall Bike Pump

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Mini Bike Pump with BONUS Glueless Puncture Repair Kit!

This particular pump is designed for those who want something easy to carry along with them when they are riding their bike, as it fits easily in a bag or basket of the bike itself.

This bike pump comes with extra pieces which include a glueless puncture repair kit and it fits on both on and off-road tires. This kit also doesn’t need a valve change to work with different types of bikes it can get you up to a 120 PSI capacity through the extendable telescope.

This pump mounts directly to your bike through Velcro. It also provides no leaks through the super fit valve that attaches automatically to any type of valve or attachments.

What We Liked

The pedals are made with aluminum and chrome to make them longer lasting while also making sure that they are not going to warp or have other problems while riding over the long term. They are simple and considered an entry-level pedal but provide a good overall fit and style.

  • 120 PSI capacity
  • Can inflate sports balls as well as bike tires
  • Can be mounted directly to the bike
  • Patch kit included for holes and leaks
  • Durable equipment
  • Not a high power high-pressure mode
  • Difficult to use because it is small
  • Dust cap not as useful

Best Budget Bike Pump

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Topeak Sport II Floor Pump

This pump is good for use inside a garage or building rather than for taking with you on a trip, unless you have a larger backpack or bag that you are taking along with you.

The Topeak floor pump is designed to sit on the floor while you pump up your tires, which makes it stable and easier to use. It also provides a 360 degree pivot hose that will allow you to use it in any way.

With this pump you also get a steel frame and a gauge that helps you see exactly what you’re doing and how your tire is pumping up. You’ll be able to use this gauge whether you’re an experienced rider or a brand new rider because it’s simple to execute.

What We Liked

This pump comes with a bike tool that also helps you get better prepared for your next ride or to take care of your bike when there’s something going wrong while you’re out on a ride.

  • Comes with a bike tool
  • Floor pump
  • Works 360 degrees
  • Contains a gauge to tell you about PSI
  • Easy to use for different types of bikes
  • Hose is made with plastic instead of rubber
  • Difficult to use with smaller wheels
  • Difficult to get a seal

Value of Finding the Best Bike Pump

Having the best bike pump means you’ll be able to take your bike wherever you want to go without having to worry about the tires being deflated. You’ll be able to repair any leaks while you go and potentially fixing other problems as well.

Having the right bike pump could also help you know what you’re doing and how much PSI you have or are getting through your pump itself. You’ll be able to watch a gauge on some types of bike pumps to make sure you have enough pressure to fill up your tires.

The best pump is also going to be easy enough to use and to carry with you, so you can always fill up your tires whenever you need them. You also will be able to store your pump in a way that you can easily find it when you need it.


Overall, the Topeak Sport II is the better option when it comes to a floor pump. It lets you get your tires pumped up quickly and easily, while knowing what PSI you have.

With this pump you also can use it with more stability because it rests on the floor and you’ll be able to push on the handle to get air through the 360 degree hose. This allows you to attach to nearly any bike to pump it up.

The pump is slightly more expensive than the other option, but it still provides you with a number of additional pieces to keep your bike working properly.