Best Bike Trailer

Taking your little ones for a bike ride is definitely not an easy task, but with the right bike trailer it can be a whole lot easier. We’ve looked up two of our favorites to help you and your children have fun this summer, and beyond.

The Best Bike Trailer

A bike trailer should be able to carry your little one comfortably no matter how long you want to head out on your bike for. But you also want to be able to ride without feeling like you’re being dragged down.

What you want is a bike trailer that will balance out what you can ride with against what your child is going to need. Your trailer should be somewhat lightweight but still sturdy and durable when you’re riding because you definitely don’t want your child to get injured.

You want something that is simple to put together and even more simple to install on your bike so you can put it on and take it off whenever you need it. You also want to make sure it has safety features such as protective panels and even seat belts to keep your little one safe.

Another important factor is the style. While not all bike trailers are enclosed, you may want to consider it if you want to be able to ride during any conditions or even just in the hot sun.

Best Overall Bike Trailer

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Allen Sports Premier 2- Child Aluminum Bike Trailer

With this bike trailer you can carry two small children on any of your bike trips with nearly any style of bike you already ride.

This trailer is made with aluminum, which1 keeps it extremely lightweight while also making sure it’s secure and sturdy. It snaps together very quickly so you can get out on the road when you’re ready instead of spending time putting it together.

There are seatbelts inside the trailer that keep your little one secure as well as a foot guard tube that keeps their feet safe from the wheels and other moving parts. The entire trailer is also enclosed so they are protected from the sun or from rain but can still see through the front and side panels.

  • Holds 2 children
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Attaches to nearly all bikes
  • Can be used as a stroller
  • Aerodynamic for jogging
  • Holds 100 pounds
  • Not UV resistant
  • No brake system when using as a stroller
  • Difficult to put together

Best Budget Bike Trailer

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InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

This trailer is built to accommodate up to two small children on nearly any bicycle that you already ride and can be attached to different bicycles easily.

This trailer is made with steel, which is a little heavier than the aluminum but is also extremely sturdy. It’s designed with a folding frame and wheels that quick release to make it easier to store without having to take it apart and put it back together again.

There are seatbelts inside to keep your child safer and the large tires are designed to give a much smoother ride for them. It’s also entirely enclosed to keep them safe from bugs or weather but still allow them to see out the front and side panels.

  • Holds 2 children
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Attaches to nearly all bikes
  • Holds 80 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be low for larger children
  • Made with plastic and polyester
  • Dirt and dust can go through the front mesh of the trailer

Value of Finding the Best Bike Trailer

You want to look for a trailer that will keep your children comfortable because this is going to encourage them to go on more rides with you. You also want to make sure the trailer is going to hold the number of children you want to take without sacrificing safety, whether that’s one or two.

Make sure that your trailer is able to fit with your bike through a secure attachment. Not all types of attachments are secure and you could end up with a unit that doesn’t easily fit with your particular bike or doesn’t seem as stable when it is attached.

Your trailer should be made with sturdy materials that could include aluminum or steel. This will help your child stay safer and will make sure that the trailer is going to last a long time.


Some trailers will be more than one thing in one, like a jogging stroller that turns into a bike trailer. This makes your trailer more versatile and makes sure that you can use it for a lot more purposes with your small children.

Look for a trailer that is completely covered as this will help your child stay protected and will keep them out of rain or even too much sun. It will also help them keep out bugs so they’re going to feel a whole lot better.


Overall, the Allen Sports Premier is the best option because it provides a range of different features rather than just being a bike trailer.

This trailer has the ability to use as a jogging stroller as well as a bike trailer. You can also put two children inside or just one while still using the seatbelts and keeping them more balanced in the trailer.

With this stroller you spend a little more, but you’re going to get a whole lot more for that money. The trailer attaches to just about any bike and helps keep your children safe while also keeping the weight down on your bike.