Best Bikerack

Taking your bike with you when you travel is one way to have a lot of fun on your next vacation. You want to find a rack that’s going to hold your bikes safely however, and that’s where things can get a little bit complicated.

The Best Bike Rack

Your bike rack needs to be able to hold as many bikes as you have for your family. You also need to be able to easily attach the rack to your vehicle and the bikes to the rack.

Make sure the rack that you choose is made of a high quality material that is going to last over the long term and is going to stand up to the rough road. You also want to make sure it’s going to keep your bike and your vehicle protected.

Look at the style of the rack as well. You want a rack that is going to fit your needs and will help you set up your bike without having to worry about making a mistake that could damage something.

It’s important to make sure that the bike rack you choose is going to be compatible with the vehicle you have as well. Where most racks will hold just about any bike, the different attachments require you to match the rack to your vehicle.

Best Overall Bike Rack

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Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

The Swagman XC bike rack is made to hold up to 2 bikes at a time with a maximum capacity of 35 pounds per bike. It also fits over a 1 ΒΌ” or 2″ hitch receiver to make sure it will work with most vehicles easily.

The rack uses upright ratcheting arms to fit the specific bike you have and fits up to 59cm frames. When not in use it also folds up while still attached to take up less space so you don’t have to remove it continuously.

The rack itself weighs 28 pounds and holds the bikes at their frame as well as at both wheels to make sure that they are stable. The entire unit even has frame-friendly coating that will keep your bike from getting scratched while you’re transporting it from one area to the next.

  • Holds 2 bikes
  • 28 pounds
  • Made with steel
  • Attaches easily to most vehicles
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Instructions are not as clear as they could be
  • Ratcheting top clamps can pinch fingers
  • Doesn’t work with spare tire

Best Budget Bike Rack

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Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

This bike rack is designed to hold 2 bikes at a time and will attach to the trunk of the vehicle as well as under the vehicle to get a stable format.

This rack is designed to attach in several different areas to your vehicle. There are three different connection points to make sure that it is balanced and to ensure that it’s not going to scratch your vehicle or your bike.

The rack has 12 inch carry arms to make sure it can hold a bike of various styles and weighs 8 pounds in total. It uses a tie down system to make sure that all bikes are secured properly but are not going to be scratched or otherwise damaged while transporting.

  • Folds partially while not in use
  • Fits in the back of most trunks
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Holds 2 bikes
  • Simple to set up
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Doesn’t work with spoilers/spare tire
  • Straps come loose while driving
  • Must be careful with sharp turns

Value of Finding the Best Bike Rack

The best bike rack is going to help you and your family transport your bikes wherever you want them to be. This means you are all going to have a better experience and a better time camping or biking without having to worry about damage to your bike.

The right bike rack is also going to make sure your vehicle is protected from anything that might happen with your rack or your bike. You don’t want to make sure you don’t end up with scratched or cracked paint and also that you’re not damaging the framework of your vehicle.

Make sure your bike rack is also designed in a way that you can easily use it. Your bike is probably expensive, and even if it’s not you don’t want it damaged and a rack you can use is going to help you with that process.

Make sure you can attach your bike securely so that it isn’t going to shake or fall off. This requires you to know how the rack really works and to make sure that your bike fits into it properly, as not all bikes are designed for all types of racks.



Overall, the Swagman XC bike rack is designed to attach directly to your vehicle, which means that it will be more secure and sturdy when you’re driving. This bike rack also fits two different bikes of different sizes to make sure you can travel with family and friends.

With this rack you also get a frame that’s designed to avoid scratching or hitting your vehicle or your bikes and therefore keeps both safe and protected while you travel. You’ll also be able to use the bike immediately after taking it off the rack without having to put it back together or reassemble.

This bike rack is a little more expensive, but it does have a lot of features and is more secure, which makes it worth the extra price.