Best Bodyboard

Choosing a body board isn’t as simple as just picking out a color and hitting the open water. It’s more about finding something that really works for what you want most, and that can be a little more difficult than you think, unless you have some help.

The Best Bodyboard

The best bodyboard is designed to help you accomplish what you need most when you’re in the water. You’ll be able to paddle around and really enjoy the waves, but only if you have the right quality to do just that.

A good bodyboard should be made of some type of polyethylene or polypropylene with a more sturdy and solid base. The specific mix of materials and foams is going to depend on the proprietary formula of the company that you buy it from.

Your bodyboard should have some durability and stability but it should also have a little bit of flex to go along with it. That’s going to help you ride the waves and enjoy the water, because too much stiffness can make it more difficult to fall under the wave than ride on top of it.

Best Overall Bodyboard

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‘Beach Attack Pack’ – WAVE WEAPON Super Lightweight Body-board by Own the Wave

If you’re looking for something that’s going to get you out in the water and having a good time then this board is definitely to do just that. It’s designed to stay water resistant and keep out added air pressure at the same time.

This board comes with everything you need in order to get a great experience including a coiled board leash and fin tethers. There are even instructions on just how you can use your fin tethers and how to take care of your bodyboard for longevity.

This board is available in three different colors and three different sizes based on your needs. It is also made with a hard condensed foam that is somewhat flexible but still firm for use in any type of water and most types of water as well.

  • Variety of size and color options
  • Hard plastic with foam body
  • Easy to ride and learn
  • Works great for different heights and weights
  • Foam top bubbles occasionally in sunlight
  • Not ideal for heavier persons
  • Starts to wear a little fast

Best Budget Bodyboard

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Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core, Slick Bottom, and Lease

If you’re looking for a board that offers a more relaxing and fun way to ride the waves then the Lucky Bums Body Board is a great option. It’s water resistant and durable as well as having a money back guarantee.

This board has a leash that you can easily attach to your wrist for riding in more intense waves. There’s also no need for instructions as the riding is extremely easy and it’s simple to get going as soon as you take it out of the box.

This board comes in four different colors as well as three different sizes so it’s prepared for anyone that wants to ride. It also has 60/40rails, rear channels and a whole lot more to make it easy to move through the waves and over the top of them.

  • Includes leash
  • Family business with full warranty
  • Polyethylene bottom and EPS core
  • Holds a lot of weight
  • Doesn’t provide much friction
  • Starts to wear out
  • No instructions for attaching leash included
  • A little long for the sizes provided
  • Very light board compared to others

Value of Finding the Best Body Board

Finding the top body board is extremely important if you want to spend a lot of time out in the water. With a less than ideal option you start seeing delamination or wear without really getting to experience the water and the waves.

The best body board should have a foam core, but it needs to be a sturdy and thick core. The bottom panel should be some form of water resistant material that will help you ride on the waves without creating too much friction, which can slow you down.

Once you have the best board you’ll be able to ride on different types of waves and you’ll be able to keep afloat when heavier waves catch you. The tether also makes sure that you don’t lose the board if you catch a strong wave.

You’ll also be able to choose the right size for your height and your weight to make sure it fits well and you can control the board while you’re going. A board that is too big may not be able to be controlled while a board that is too small may not hold your weight when you are trying to board.



Overall, the Lucky Bums Body Board is the best option. It provides the same features as the Beach Attack but at a slightly lower price tag.

This body board comes in several sizes so it fits just about anyone and also comes in a variety of colors that go for your personal preference. It’s also designed with 60/40 rails and has a polyethylene bottom to reduce friction.

With this board you can ride a whole lot faster and you can handle stronger waves as well without having to worry about controlling the board. The materials are designed to keep you moving right along without getting stuck or losing your board while you go.