Best Boxing Hand Wrap

Protecting your hands while you’re boxing is one of the most important things that you can do, and yet, it’s also difficult to find just the right wrap to make sure you’re doing it properly. We’ve gone out and looked for two of the best options we can find, which will help you improve your round and make sure you finish better than ever.

The Best Boxing Hand Wrap

Boxing hand wraps should be thick enough that they are able to relieve a lot of the pressure that you otherwise get to your hands while you are boxing. The wraps will protect you from most broken bones and a lot of damage to the tendons.

Wraps should also be able to support the wrist and thumb, which means they have to be used in the proper way to make sure that these areas are supported and wrapped enough that you don’t strain them, over extend them or otherwise cause bruising or other injury.

Wraps are going to soften a lot of the impact when you hit something, whether it’s another person or a punching bag. This is important for your overall comfort while you’re going through a practice or a competition as well.

Best Overall Boxing Hand Wrap

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Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwraps

These wraps are available in a wide range of different colors and the cost differ depending on the specific color that you choose. You’ll have 180″ of semi-elastic material to wrap around your hands and wrists to keep yourself protected while you’re boxing, which is plenty for your experience.

These wraps offer a hook and loop closure that will make them easy to get on and off so you can get going on your fight or you can head out for the rest of your night without having to spend a lot of time with someone else helping you unwrap your hands. Not only that but you’ll be able to show off the brand that makes your wraps with the logo on the side of the wrap.

The Ringside wraps are an authentic Mexican style and have a more contoured style and fit to them. These are designed to be more comfortable than a standard wrap as well because they have the elastic in them that helps them stretch and flex while you’re using them.

What We Liked

There is plenty of length to the wraps so that you won’t have a problem getting it wrapped over your entire hand to keep you protected from injury. When you’re ready you can also throw them in the washer and dryer to get them back in ideal shape.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Elastic material for stretch and comfort
  • Wider than traditional wraps
  • Easy Velcro attachment to keep them on while you practice or fight
  • Velcro comes off after washing
  • Requires larger gloves to fit
  • No way to keep them wrapped

Best Budget Boxing Hand Wrap

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Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

These handwraps are inexpensive and come in three different colors that are each different prices. They are made by a company that’s known for workout equipment and especially boxing and other types of martial arts equipment, Everlast.

The straps are 180 inches and will wrap easily around your hands to provide plenty of protection no matter what you’re going to be doing. They are made with nylon and polyester as well as cotton and spandex, which allow them to be breathable while you’re working out but still keep your hands protected from anything that might come their way.

These use a hook and look closure and thumb strap to make sure you are going to be able to put them on and take them off without a lot of effort or time. You’ll be able to use them in the washer when they start to get dirty or worn out and you’ll be able to use them again as soon as you’re done.

What We Liked

They are designed to last a long time and keep your hands protected while you’re boxing without any concern for broken bones.

  • Good amount of protection
  • Long enough to protect entire hand and wrist
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Do not absorb sweat/promote bacterial growth
  • Don’t have basic stretch
  • Velcro starts to peel away from the wrap
  • Velcro can cause damage to rest of the wrap

Value of Finding the Best Boxing Hand Wrap

The best hand wraps are going to keep you boxing a whole lot longer than if you were to use your bare hands. Wraps are going to protect you from a lot of different injury and that can vary from simply a painful bruise all the way to broken bones.

If you aren’t careful with your hand wraps you could end up with problems that don’t allow you to box for a long time. You may be forced to sit on the sidelines because you didn’t wear them or because you didn’t have ones that were actually good for what you were trying to do.

You also want to make sure the wrap you have is going to be comfortable to wear because you’re going to be wearing it for a long period of time. If the wrap you choose isn’t comfortable you could end up with different types of abrasions instead of getting rid of them through the wrapping.

Finally, a good wrap is going to require you to put them on properly and this should be easy to do with the wrap you choose. Make sure you get something that’s the right length as well as the right width so that you’ll be able to wrap your hands or have someone else take care of it without any problems.


If you’re looking for an overall positive handwrap the Ringside Mexican style ones are definitely the best. The price is very similar to the traditional wraps but you get just a little more support and cushion out of them because of the elastic that is built in.

With these wraps you also get a unique look and feel that will fit well with your traditional gloves or for any sport where you need your hands wrapped for protection. They do a good job of keeping your hands safe and ready for anything.