Best Catcher’s Mitt

Finding the right catcher’s mitt is about more than just what kind of mitt you can wear. You want to find a mitt that’s going to give you the best game possible and that can be difficult without getting the right type of help.

The Best Catcher’s Mitt

When you slip on your catcher’s mitt you should have no problem moving your hand, gripping the ball or catching the ball. That’s going to depend on the specific type of mitt you have and also on the way it fits for you and your needs.

The best catcher’s mitt should also be made of high quality material. You want a mitt that is made with leather because it’s going to stand up to a lot of abuse, but it should also be malleable so you can easily grip the ball.

Finally, make sure that your mitt is designed for whichever hand you are used to using. Finding a left handed mitt isn’t easy, but it’s definitely better to have a mitt for the correct hand you’re going to use or to use the correct hand than to use the wrong mitt.

Best Overall Catcher’s Mitt

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Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit Baseball Catcher Mitt

The Wilson Game Ready mitt is available in both a youth and an adult size. This means that it’s ready for anyone who wants to play on a team or just for fun in their backyard.

This mitt features a half moon web and double palm construction for reinforcement. It’s also made with an exclusive Cheyenne Penny Leather to make it more durable than other mitts and to make sure that it’s eco-friendly at the same time.

With this mitt you get softness right from the start rather than having to break it in as much as other mitts. It’s also designed to last for a long time and is made by a company that is well known for quality in sports equipment.

  • Deep finger pockets
  • Works like broken in right away
  • Plenty of padding in the center
  • Designed for right-handed catcher
  • More expensive side
  • Youth size is a little small
  • Ball can sometimes fall out of pocket

Best Budget Catcher’s Mitt

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Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Glove

This mitt is designed for right or left handed catchers but in youth sizes only. It’s built for fun or for serious games in the leagues, as you prefer.

This mitt has a spiral lock web and deep pocket to make sure the ball stays right where you want it to be when you catch it. It’s made with Steerhide, AkademaLyte leather and rawhide to get a sturdy frame.

You will need to break this mitt in, but it’s specially designed to keep your hand firmly where it needs to be with finger hammocks and stress wedge in the center to keep you from getting hurt as easily while playing.

  • Fits youth hand easily
  • Catches hard balls without sting
  • Deep pocket for easier catching
  • Breaks in easily
  • The leather isn’t as good quality as others
  • Difficult to close
  • Not ready right out of the box

Value of Finding the Best Catcher’s Mitt

Being able to play baseball is going to depend a lot on the specific equipment you have available. You want to make sure you’re using something that’s high quality and that definitely includes the catcher’s mitt.

Look at the material that your mitt is made of and make sure that it’s at the very least some form of leather. A good quality mitt should always be made with leather in a sturdy form, especially when it comes to a catcher’s mitt rather than a regular glove.

The mitt you use should also be designed for right or left handed use and should not be able to switch back and forth. Though these can be convenient for schools or teams, they are definitely not as high quality as a one directional mitt.


Make sure your mitt also has good stitching that will hold up over time. Rawhide or something like it will give you enough strength to last and will make sure that it stands up to abuse over the long term.

Another important aspect is the pocket, which should be deep enough that the ball easily fits into it and stays there when you catch the ball. Sometimes the pocket on a mitt can be too shallow and this can result in the ball falling out of your hand when you try to hold onto it.

Finally, figure out how long it’s going to take to break in the glove that you want. A good glove shouldn’t take too long to break in but you also don’t want it to be too soft as this could affect the durability.


Overall, the Akadema AGC98 is definitely a great mitt. It offers the same types of features as the Wilson but for a fraction of the cost.

This mitt is also available for a right handed or left handed thrower, which is a great asset for anyone who has a team with both. It’s designed to fit closer to the hand and keep the hand in the right position at all times as well.

For the price, the material it’s made of is decent quality and the rawhide stitching definitely keeps it stable and together without concern for wear.