Best Cycling Computer

If you’re looking to get really into cycling one of the best things that you can do is get a high quality computer that will let you track not only how far you go but how fast as well. These types of computers vary greatly, so having a little help picking out the right one might not be a bad idea.

The Best Cycling Computer

The best cycling computer should be something small that fits easily on your bike. You don’t want to have to carry it with you separately as this can change the feedback that you’re given, but you also don’t want it to be too large and affect your performance.

Another important factor is what the computer is going to track. It should be able to track all of your mileage as well as your speed and some are able to track even more than that if you’re willing to pay a little more for the added features.

Make sure that the style of computer is going to work for what you have available as some will require different types of bikes or different types of connections that you might not have. If you’re interested in keeping track you may even want a computer that has some storage and can remember past rides to let you know how you’re doing over a longer period of time.

The Best Overall Cycling Computer

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CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-RD300W

This particular computer comes in three different colors that are more about personal preference than anything else. They have a ClickTec button interface to provide easier use and they are designed to get you the information that you want in the format that you want.

You can set up the unit to give you distance in mileage or kilometers based on your preference and you’ll get an universal speed sensor to go along with it. Not only that but it comes with a Flex Tight mounting bracket that can attach to just about any type of handlebars or stem so you can have it wherever you really need it for better viewing.

These computers display much of the information you need at one time so you can easily look down and see the information on a large screen. It also has large enough numbers that they can easily be read and you can see what each number is in reference to while you’re moving as well.

What We Liked

This unit measures current speed, maximum speed, average speed, total distance, trip distance, second trip distance, elapsed time and the actual time. This means you’ll be able to adjust it to different settings while you’re moving to get a good idea of what’s going on for your ride.

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Looks great when mounted
  • Easy to use when you’re riding
  • Doesn’t require any wires for use
  • Easy to install
  • Provides a range of different information
  • Requires batteries
  • No light for use in the dark
  • Clock is not overly accurate
  • Must reset the trip data after 27 hours or 999.99 km

The Best Budget Cycling Computer


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Raniaco Bike Computer, Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer, Bike Odometer Cycling Multi-Function

This unit is extremely inexpensive and provides a lot of features at the same time. It’s entirely wireless so it’s easy to install and provides a lot of different information so you always know what’s going on with your ride.

The waterproof design means that you can still use the unit even when it gets rainy outside and it still provides you with a variety of different feedback including speedometer and odometer, distance and riding time. You’ll be able to see during the daytime or nighttime with the two different backlight choices so you aren’t without your controls after dark.

What We Liked

This unit has a large screen that’s easy to read and offers large numbers that let you know exactly what you’re looking at all the time. It’s very lightweight and you’ll be able to keep track of everything you’re doing and everything that’s going on around you at the same time with no problems because of all the different settings.

  • Keeps track of nearly everything
  • Entirely wireless
  • Waterproof for rainy weather
  • Easy to install
  • Extra pieces included for replacement as needed
  • Can set an automatic backlight
  • Requires information about your bike before setup
  • Mounting setup is not as firm as it could be
  • Magnet does not feel secure

Value of Finding the Best Cycling Computer

When you are able to find the best cycling computer you’re going to have a whole lot more freedom and capability in regards to knowing what you’re actually able to accomplish. These types of computers will help you stay on track if you have specific goals you want to meet over the long term.

The right cycling computer is also going to be easy to attach to your bike but even easier to read while you’re riding. You don’t want to have to stop to look at the computer because that’s going to affect your results and it’s definitely not going to tell you how fast you’re going.

Finally, the right computer is going to help you accurately monitor what you’re capable of without being shaken or made incorrect by internal mechanisms or problems. There are a lot of things that need to work properly for your computer and you want to make sure that is happening the way you want it to.


If you’re able to afford a little bit more, the CatEye Strada is definitely the best choice for your bike computer. It offers a lot of the same features plus several more and it allows you to easily scroll between everything while you’re riding.

This computer seems to attach more firmly and offers more options for colors a well as setup. You’ll also be able to keep the unit mounted to the handlebars much more securely and you’ll have no problem with the weight or the style of this unit.