Best Cycling Gloves Men

Riding your bike is a whole lot of fun, but it can also be a strain on different parts of your body, including your hands. If you’re looking to keep your hands protected while you ride then you definitely want some good gloves and those are just what we’re here to help you with.

The Best Cycling Gloves Men

What you’re really looking for is a pair of gloves that will help you keep your hands comfortable while you’re riding your bike for a long time so the best gloves need to protect the sensitive parts of your hand. The best gloves should provide not only coverage but also some padding while you’re using them in some softer areas.

The best gloves should also be comfortable to wear because if they cause pressure or rubbing then they’re really not helping you to avoid anything and are just moving the pain to a different location. You want gloves that will help you stay comfortable at all times while riding and will feel good while you’re going as well.

Make sure your gloves are made with quality material that will make them stand up to anything that might come your way. You want to make sure you’re not going to tear them the first day that you’re using them because of the material or just because of the handlebars on your bike which can be rough on softer materials.

The Best Overall Cycling Gloves Men

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Pearl Izumi – Ride Men’s Cyclone Gel Glove

These gloves are actually full size gloves, which means they cover not just the palm of the hand but the entire fingers as well. The come in five different sizes and three different color options so you can get the look and the fit that you’re trying for.

These gloves are made with a mixture of polyamide, polyurethane, polyester, spandex and chloroprene rubber to make sure that they fit tightly but still provide plenty of comfort and softness as well as the support from harder pieces of the bike.

They have a gauntlet style that protects more of the wrist and slides under the sleeves of your coat to keep out cool air and keep your arms warmer. There’s also a hook and loop closure which makes them easy to put on and the synthetic leather for two fingers means you don’t have to take them off in order to use a mobile device.

You also get some reflective qualities for using them in the dark and they are entirely wind and water protected so if you’re riding in less than ideal weather you’ll still be comfortable.

  • Full length glove
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Keeps wind and cold air out
  • Reflective markers for dark riding
  • Work with smartphones and tablets
  • Holds up well
  • Sizing chart is off
  • Gel pads are not accurately located to connect with the handlebars
  • Shrink some when they are washed

The Best Budget Cycling Gloves Men

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Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove

These gloves come in 11 different colors as well as five different sizes so you can choose exactly what will work best for you. They’re also designed as fingerless gloves so you have more freedom and movement while still getting coverage for the palms and backs of your hands which can reduce sweating.

The Pearl Select Gloves are made with polyamide, polyurethane, polyester and spandex with a synthetic leather on the palm. They are designed to fit comfortably and provide support over the top of the palm and throughout to make sure you don’t have too much connection with the handlebars for chaffing or rubbing.

At around $10, these are inexpensive gloves but they use padding to make sure you will still be more comfortable when you’re using them than with other types of gloves. They also have a low profile wiping surface on the thumb which can help with using your computer system.

  • Relieves pressure on nerves
  • Soft and durable over long term use
  • Leaves fingers open for less sweating
  • Good quality
  • Look nice in different color options
  • Not enough padding
  • Run small
  • Velcro attachment is not comfortable

Value of Finding the Best Cycling Gloves Men

If you have the right cycling gloves you will be able to ride a longer period of time without having to worry about pressure and rubbing against sensitive spots on your hands. You’ll be able to get a better workout or just enjoy your experience a whole lot better without having to worry about the pressure from holding the handlebars.

The right cycling gloves are also going to help your hands stay warmer while you’re riding, even when the weather starts to get colder. You should be able to keep the warmth in and not have to worry too much about air getting in or your fingers getting too cold.

You want to have enough circulation and air through the gloves that they are going to reduce sweating and help you keep going. Sweating can cause more chaffing and rubbing but the right gloves should help you avoid this problem while not letting cold air in.


Overall, the Pearl Izumi Cyclone Gel Gloves are the best option even for the slightly higher price. They come in several colors and styles so you can make sure they’re going to fit you but they also provide less obtrusive padding and added features like touchscreen fingers and reflective coating.

These gloves cover the entire hand and provide support at the wrists as well, keeping out cold air. At the same time they are made with high quality materials that flex, stretch and fit tight to the hands to reduce any problems with rubbing or movement.