Best Elliptical Machine

Anyone who has looked at exercise equipment knows that there is far too much out there to know what you’re really getting into. An elliptical trainer is one of the best tools for getting you in shape quickly and without too much strain for most people.

The Best Elliptical Machine

The true best elliptical machine is going to depend on what you need most and how you’re hoping to get it. Some ellipticals are only for your legs while others may exercise your entire body, but it’s up to you what you really want.

Some of the best ellipticals are made by well-known companies in the exercise equipment sphere, such as Schwinn and Nautilus. Even still, there are a variety of different companies that produce different types of exercise equipment and ellipticals.

Each of these will work for most people, but it’s going to be up to you what you’re really looking for. If you want a full body workout you’ll need something different than if you’re just working on your legs, for example.

Best Overall Elliptical Machine

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Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

This is an excellent elliptical machine for those who want to work out their entire body at the same time.

The biggest benefit to this elliptical is that it is a ride-on unit that allows you to work your legs and arms at the same time. It also features a two LCD window system to allow you to monitor your feedback including heart rate and calories burned.

This unit has 22 included programs so you can follow presents and get even more results quickly and you can set up two different users at the same time. This means you can set and work towards your goals and someone else in your home can do so as well.

There are 20 different levels of resistance to help you push yourself. It also has a smooth and quiet system that means you can work hard and still not disturb other people in your household.

  • Preset programs
  • 2 user settings
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Monitors and displays feedback constantly
  • iPod dock with speakers
  • Easy to set up
  • Quiet to use
  • Instructions do not explain computer module well
  • Takes up a large amount of space
  • iPod/iPad covers the feedback screen when plugged in
  • Squeaking starts rather quickly

Best Budget Elliptical Machine

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Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical is designed for those who want to get a good leg workout without the rest of the body.

The best thing about this unit is that you can use it while you’re sitting down or even at a desk. It helps work and train the legs while keeping less impact on the back, knees, hips and ankles.

The electronic monitor included with the system will track your stride as well as how long you exercise and how many calories you burn. It records this for each session that you complete and you can ride as long or as short of time as you want.

This unit is made with steel and has non-slip pedals that make it easy enough to use. It’s also required to be assembled but as it is small this does not take a lot of work or effort.

  • Fits under a desk for easy use during the day
  • Electronic monitor keeps track of workout
  • Low-impact for joints
  • Works in forward or reverse
  • Quiet to use
  • Portable when needed
  • Digital counter is not always accurate
  • Requires steadiness if standing on the unit
  • Slips on some surfaces including hardwood
  • Shorter stride than full-size ellipticals

Importance of Finding the Best Elliptical Machine

When you’re looking for something that will help you lose weight you want to make sure that it’s really going to work for you. The most important thing is making sure that you’re going to use whatever it is that you buy instead of just letting it sit and gather dust.

An elliptical can come in one of two different styles that include a full size unit that takes up a large amount of space and a small one that takes up very little space. The smaller unit however, will only work the legs and not the rest of the body.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home then a smaller unit can be a good idea, however it doesn’t have any way to help you balance if you use it while standing. This means for standing a full-size unit is generally the better option.

A full-size unit often has more preset options than a smaller unit because it contains a computer system. This means you can set up a system to get a better workout and you can keep track of your goals and work toward those goals.

Both types of units should be quiet while being used and shouldn’t have a problem with squeaking. If they do squeak or have noisy gears you can use a silicone spray to help quiet these problems.

Always look at the weight limit for any type of unit you choose as they may have differing capabilities. A smaller unit will generally be able to hold less weight than a full-size because it doesn’t have the same support structure.



Overall, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine is the best purchase for the price. Even though it’s a lot more expensive, it definitely has more features that are going to make up for this high introductory price.

This unit allows you to work nearly your entire body at the same time from your arms to your legs. You can also keep track of more information about your workout including your heart rate and your fitness goals that you are trying to reach.

This unit does take up more space than others and especially more than the Stamina, but it provides a lot for that extra space and it allows you to get a great workout for the entire body.