Best Foam Rollers

Personal trainers, physiotherapists and coaches are recommending the use of foam rollers before and after exercise. The expected benefits range from improving circulation around the muscles to breaking down knots that can limit the range of motion.

Whether you have had a trainer recommend that you use a roller or if you are just curious given the hype in fitness magazines and online, learning a bit about your best options is a good starting point.

Choosing the best foam roller for your needs involves comparing more than price and color. You want to ensure the foam won’t break down over time, that the size is appropriate for your use, and that the interior and exterior fit your personal needs for storage, travel and use.

The BestĀ Foam Rollers

Given the range of options this article will look at two very different but highly rated foam rollers.

Best Overall Foam Roller

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Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

Proving that more isn’t always better this less thick foam roller works for runners, dancers and competitive athletes in training and is popular with coaches, physical therapists, and other health care professionals.

The Trigger Point contours to the body to address the superficial muscles. Designed with a hollow core rollers these rollers are more rigid and address the deeper muscle tissue than some others.

It is built with a hollow tube center and the exterior has a grid pattern. It looks tough and feels firm.

Details include:

  • patented foam roller design
  • multi-density exterior constructed over a rigid, hollow core
  • quality materials
  • designed to maintain shape
  • doesn’t break down with use
  • support system online with exercise routines and video instruction
  • Standard density, 13 x 5.5 inches, 500 pound weight limit; 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • holds its shape
  • grid pattern
  • great for pain relief
  • 80% of reviews gave it 5 stars
  • less than 1% of reviews gave it 1 star
  • can be pricey
  • some said it could be more painful

Best Budget Foam Roller

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Lux Fit Premium High Density Roller

Demonstrating that simple is sometimes best, the Lux Fit roller’s high density EPE foam material makes the roller great for personal or professional use. The material is designed to withstand moderate to heavy use without breaking down or losing shape over time.

There is a choice of widths and lengths and colors. This is a foam tube cylinder of varying length and density.

Details include:

  • Molded polypropylene foam technology has a 2 lbs. per cubic foot density
  • Smooth surface, Will not lose its shape after heavy use
  • Repels Liquids.
  • multiple sizes – 6×36, 6×18, 6×12
  • full year warranty
  • made in the USA
  • simple
  • costs less
  • size options
  • 75% of reviews were 5 stars
  • less than 2% of reviews were 1 star
  • reviewers mentioned some shipping issues
  • some reports of breaking down more quickly
  • some reviewers said they company shipped the wrong size

Making Your Choice Easy

If you are a professional who will use the roller with many clients, picking an option that is durable and portable is smart. The tips for use that the Trigger Point Grid offers on their website are an added bonus.

If you will be the only one using your foam roller then starting with a more basic one allows you to see if you actually use it, if the benefits reported are true for you personally, and if there is a size that works best for your body.

Who Are They Recommended For

  • dancers
  • runners
  • arthritis sufferers
  • athletes in training
  • physical therapists
  • yoga practitioners

Price versus design

Reviews can be summarized as follows; the simpler the design the lower the cost. The lower the cost, the less durable the roller.

Helpful hint: When comparing, it can sometimes be more cost effective to buy two of a lesser model than one of the most expensive brand.

What About Color Choice?

Unlike therabands where color indicates tension, the aesthetic of foam rollers is purely based on designer’s choice. This means you can find one to match the color scheme of your home gym or team colors.

What if I Want an Environmentally Friendly Roller?

Neither of these options boast earth friendly as a feature. Keep in mind that foam is not a material that breaks down easily. There are some other options out there that use the label “green” to entice buyers. If keeping the planet healthy is your priority, finding a natural product will take a little research.


Despite these two foam rollers being neck in neck as far as reviews go, the Trigger Point Grid Roller gets our vote for best foam roller.

What Puts Trigger Point on Top?

Both rollers have strong reviews and similar value for money. What tips the scales is the website filled with videos, training suggestions and programs that is provided by Trigger Point. When you see a company that provides a great product and backs the product up with more value than expected, that is a company that knows what their clients need.

Extreme customer service has a two thumbs up to Trigger Point Grid Roller..