Best Football Gloves

Football gloves aren’t necessary for just throwing a ball back and forth, but if you want to play and you want have a better grip, they’re definitely a benefit. The right football gloves aren’t always easy to find, however, and that’s where we’re able to help you out.

The Best Football Gloves

The best football gloves are going to fit right to your hands. They’re made to your specifications because gloves that fit too loose are definitely not going to help you when it comes time to play the game without dropping the ball.

Gloves should also have plenty of grip to them so that when you do catch the ball you don’t have to worry about it slipping through your fingers. You want to have the ball firmly and make sure that you can throw it easily at the same time.

Your gloves should also be made of high quality material so that you don’t have to worry about replacing them constantly between one game and the next. The material is generally going to be a combination of polyester, nylon, silicone and neoprene to make sure that they last.

If you’re planning on using your gloves for specific occasions and actual, official football games you also want to make sure that they meet all of the requirements and specifications to be used. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you then have to replace in order to play on the team.

Best Overall Football Gloves

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Cutters Gloves C-TACK Revolution Football Gloves

These gloves come in nine different colors and four adult sizes to make sure you get exactly the style and fit that you need in order to play.

These gloves meet all NFHS, NCAA and NOCSAE specifications and can be used in all different conditions as well, without losing out on their grip. This is because they are made with C-TACK performance grip to keep them ‘sticky’ no matter what’s going on around you.

When your gloves get too dirty they can even be put in the washer and dryer to clean them up and get them ready for game day again. The gloves are designed to fit snug and stay lightweight at the same time so they won’t mess with your abilities.

They are made to work consistently every time they are used and to last for a long time as well. These gloves have a proprietary technology in the grip to do just that.

  • Feel comfortable to wear
  • Easy to make the catch
  • Very tacky even when wet
  • Cushioned for softer catch
  • Run a little small
  • Start losing tackiness quickly
  • Takes a little time to break in

Best Budget Football Gloves

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Elite Tek RG-14 Football Gloves Youth and Adult

These gloves are designed for just about anyone to use and come in four adult and five youth sizes. They also come in five different colors to match your needs and your style.

The Elite Tek gloves are NOCSAE certified and can be used in different competitions and sporting events with no problem. They also feature Grip Tech technology that allows them to work well even when the weather isn’t very good or the ball is wet.

These gloves are also intended to fit tight and are true to size for most users. They allow you to catch the ball easily enough but also make sure that you are not able to move your hands around in them too much.

With these you get a consistent grip on the ball no matter what the conditions, even when the gloves themselves or the ball are wet.

  • Available in several sizes
  • Stay grippy a long time
  • Comfortable to use for extended period
  • Fit well in sizes as labeled
  • Not as good of a grip in wet weather
  • Run a little small
  • Difficult for many smaller children to get on

Value of Finding the Best Football Gloves

When you have good football gloves you will have an easier time playing the game because you will be able to hold onto the ball a lot easier. These types of gloves are designed to help you grip the ball and hold onto it no matter what is going on around you.

The right gloves will fit tight to your hand, like a second skin, and will not leave any room for slipping or sliding, which could make you lose the ball. They will also have plenty of grip on them that is quality enough to last and perform at least moderately well in wet conditions.

Your gloves should come in the right size for your hands and you should be careful to get the ideal size that will fit properly. Not all gloves are made the same and that means you want something with high quality material as well, that will last for a long period of time.


Overall, the EliteTek RG-14 gloves are the best pick. They are less expensive than the others and still offer the same features as well as being available in both adult and youth sizes.

These gloves have a tacky grip on the inside of the hands that makes it easy to grip the ball and come in a large number of sizes for both adults and youth, which means that they have a better capacity to fit well on the hands.

These gloves are not as stylish, but they are still NOCSAE certified and can be used in your next game to help improve your grip with ease.