Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Playing goalie means that you need to have good hand-eye coordination, but it also means that you need to have good gloves that can help you catch the ball and send it back to your team. The right gloves aren’t always easy to find however, which is why we’ve looked for a couple of the best ones to help you with your next game.

The Best Goalkeeper Gloves

What you’re looking for most is a pair of gloves that will fit right to your hand to make sure you have a good grip on the ball when it comes your way. The gloves should be fitted quite well but should also have some grip to them to make sure you don’t drop the ball once you’ve got it.

You also want to have plenty of flexibility in your gloves so you can easily move your hands and your fingers. Even sticky gloves aren’t going to help you hold something if your fingers can’t close around it (at least somewhat).

Next, you want to make sure the gloves are breathable and comfortable because you’re going to be wearing them for a long time. Gloves without enough breathability can cause your hands to sweat, which can be uncomfortable throughout the game.

Even though these gloves are primarily for grip they’re also for protection, which means you want gloves that can keep your fingers safe while you’re playing and can also pad the palms of your hands against the stinging that can come from the ball hitting too hard.

Best Overall Goalkeeper Gloves

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Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves

These gloves come in six different sizes for youth goalies as well as six different colors to match your personal style preference.

These gloves are designed with a backbone finger protection to keep you from hyperextending the fingers and to improve flexibility over the long-term of the game. They also have mesh in between the fingers to help with breathability and cut down on sweating.

There is a sticky latex foam on the inside, palm, of the gloves that ensures they are comfortable as well as keeping them good for grip. They are able to catch the ball easily and help you hold onto it while you’re playing.

There is a wrapped thumb and wrapped backhand which form a traditional glove shape as well as improving the ability to grip the ball. These gloves are designed to fit similar to traditional gloves and also are lightweight for ease of use.

  • Available in several sizes and colors
  • Metal backbones for fingers
  • Good amount of stickiness
  • Good fit based on sizing instructions
  • Grip is slippery when wet
  • Not as good for advanced players
  • Difficult to get clean after playing

Best Budget Goalkeeper Gloves

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Goalkeeper Gloves by Blok-IT

These gloves are designed for adults with size large hands, though there are other similar options in smaller sizes as well.

These gloves have a hard material inside the fingers to make sure that you don’t bend them back too far or that you’re not going to get injured in this way. They do this while still maintaining flexibility as well as plenty of breathability through the entirely breathable makeup.

The pad of these gloves is thicker than others to help protect against injury from the strength of the ball coming at you but they do not have any type of grip on them to help you catch the ball. They are designed to be more comfortable with the padding and materials.

These wrap all the way up around the wrist to provide added support and control while you’re trying to catch the ball or move around. They are also made to fit like a standard glove though they do fit a little looser than others.

  • Comfortable fit & lots of padding
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Fits well to the size purchased
  • Provides support for fingers
  • Made with quality materials
  • Thumb spot is too large
  • Don’t last overly long
  • Don’t have any kind of grip

Value of Finding the Best Goalkeeper Gloves

If you can find the right goalkeeper gloves you will have a much easier time catching the ball when it’s coming at you, which means a much easier time winning the game for your team. The right gloves are also going to help you with throwing the ball back into play.

Another important aspect to the right gloves is that you won’t have to worry about as much pain for your hands and fingers when you catch the ball. The ball will be coming toward you fast and when it hits your hands it will be hard, but the right gloves can keep your fingers straight and your palms from stinging as well.


If you are looking for good gloves that aren’t going to cost you too much and are still going to provide a good amount of protection then the Brine King Match gloves are the ones for you.

These gloves are inexpensive but also provide you with a lot of protection from the ball both in the padded palms and in the finger supports that are included. You’ll also be able to grip the ball much easier because it includes grips on the inside of the gloves.

The wrist protection is another important aspect and ensures that you will be able to move your hands and wrists but that you won’t have to worry about things like twisting your wrist or bending it improperly when you’re trying to catch the ball.