Best Golf Cart Bag

Taking your clubs with you isn’t always an easy task, because sometimes you find yourself struggling to get just the right equipment. With someone to help you choose the best golf cart bag, you’re going to be well on your way to transporting everything without any risk of damage.

The Best Golf Cart Bag

A golf cart bag is different from a regular golf bag because it’s usually larger and heavier. This means that it protects your clubs and your other golf accessories even better without you having to actually carry all of it around by hand.

These types of bags will provide you with easy access to just about anything you need in the bag without you having to dig through or pull the bag off the cart. The pockets are all easily accessible from the outside as well as the clubs being accessible through the top and that means you can just walk up and grab whatever you need.

These bags typically have some type of rubber base that keeps them from slipping and sliding around when you’re driving the cart or even when you’re just pulling items out of them. This base makes sure none of your stuff gets knocked over and falls or gets damaged in any way.

You also want to make sure you get a bag that is made with heavy duty materials and is going to stand up to any kind of abuse. You want your bag to take the brunt of anything that might happen around your golf clubs and other accessories because they are definitely going to be more expensive and more important.

Best Overall Golf Cart Bag

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Callaway 2016 Org 14 Cart Bag

This bag offers a whole lot of features for the price to balance it out. The bag is available in seven different colors and allows you to choose what matches your style the best with ease.

The Callaway bag has 14 different individual dividers for your club organization, so you always know what you’re getting and where the right club is. This system also includes 2 grab handles so it’s easy to hold onto and 2 insulated pockets where you can put your drinks along the way.

There are 19 different pockets throughout the bag, which allows you to separate everything into pockets of its own and each one has different features, such as one with a key fob for your valuables. There’s also an integrated sleeve for your umbrella if you find yourself out while the weather is less than ideal.

What We Liked

Designed to strap onto a golf cart for easy access, each of the specially designed pockets is also easy enough to access however you want to organize it. It is not designed as a carry bag however and would not work for this purpose.

  • Straps well onto cart
  • Plenty of specialized pockets
  • Individual slots for clubs
  • High quality materials
  • Stands upright on its own
  • Some colors are higher priced than others
  • Only one towel clip
  • Straps to attach to cart are not adjustable

Best Budget Golf Cart Bag

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Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag

This bag offers six different color options that will fit with your style and your personal preference while you’re golfing. It also has plenty of features even at a lower price point than the Callaway.

This bag has 15 individual sections for golf clubs in the top and also includes easy-lift handle to help you hold on and get what you need. There are plenty of different pockets around the outside which include an insulated one for beverages and a waterproof one for your valuable items.

What We Liked

If you prefer to carry the bag it does have a padded strap to make this easier and help you move around the course without too much trouble. It includes an umbrella holder and rain hood to go along with the 8 different zipper pockets so you can organize your own belongings however you like.

  • Good quality material and design
  • Space for all clubs individually
  • Lightweight to carry or attach
  • Easy to attach to the golf cart
  • No separate putter compartment
  • Difficult to get into top pocket when strapped in
  • Some pockets are a little small
  • Carry strap is somewhat short

Value of Finding the Best Golf Cart Bag

The best golf cart bag is going to help you have a good game, no matter what else is going on around you. These types of bags are going to make sure that everything you need to have that good game is right there with you whenever you need it.

The right bag is important also because it’s going to make sure all of your important gear is safe and protected in the event of anything happening. You don’t have to worry about your clubs falling around in the cart or about your other gear being stepped on or dropped out of the cart while you’re driving.

What’s really important is you’ll have a way to keep everything neatly organized because there should be plenty of pockets and a design that allows you to easily get to anything that you need whenever you need it. You’ll also be able to keep everything ready for use at any time so you don’t have to search for things anymore.


Overall, if you have the extra money the Callaway bag is the better buy because of all the added features that come with it for the higher price tag. This bag offers individual slots for clubs and makes sure to offer a large number of additional pockets that you can use for anything you want.

There’s a lot more ability for organization and the bag is able to stand up entirely on its own, which is definitely a bonus feature. Not only that but it attaches easily to a golf cart and will allow you to access all the pockets of the bag while it is attached, making it easier to get back to your game.