Best Hockey Elbow Pads

Hockey elbow pads are going to keep you a little safer and more protected when it comes time to head out onto the ice. There’s a lot that can happen when you’re playing hockey and knowing what the best protective gear is going to be is extremely important.

The Best Hockey Elbow Pads

When you’re playing hockey the best elbow pads are going to keep you from getting injured too badly when you fall on the ice or get hit with a stick. Your elbows are often the first things to hit the ice and with the amount of force that they generally hit the ice with you could end up in a lot of pain.

Elbow pads should be able to absorb a lot of the impact that you feel if you hit the ice and they should be able to keep you from breaking bones or badly spraining anything. They may even be able to keep you from bruising depending on the amount of padding that they provide.

Your elbow pads should fit firmly over your elbows and shouldn’t have a lot of give or a lot of movement to them because that would mean they may not cover your elbows when you fall. You want them to be attached firmly over the elbow and around your arm but without cutting off circulation.

The best thing to do is make sure that your pads are going to keep you safe but also that they’re going to keep you from sweating too much as a lot of skating can definitely make you warm and especially in areas where there is tight pressure.

Best Overall Hockey Elbow Pads

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Warrior Senior Dynasty AX1 Hockey Elbow Pads

These elbow pads are designed for someone with a smaller frame who is looking to protect themselves from some of the more moderate dangers of playing hockey.

The elbow pads fit tight to the arm with anchoring straps and compressed caps to keep them firm. The cuffs make sure that there’s no spinning or sliding while you’re moving so when you fall you’ll land properly on the pads to reduce impact.

The straps are made with a performance liner that is designed to make sure that moisture is wicked away quickly. This makes sure that you won’t have a problem with sweating but also that bacteria and odor will not build up while using them over time.

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These elbow pads are designed to look good and work well no matter how long you’re on the ice or how many times you might fall while you’re there. That’s because the material is high tech and capable of reducing impact while helping you avoid injury.

  • Easy to use
  • Get rid of moisture
  • Help eliminate bacteria and odor
  • Fit tight to the arm with compression style straps
  • Cover the entire elbow and much of the arm
  • Can slip occasionally while using
  • Can get very warm to wear entire game
  • Difficult to bend the elbow while using

Best Budget Hockey Elbow Pads

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Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Junior Hockey Elbow Pads

The Bauer Supreme elbow pads are inexpensive but offer a lot of added features for those looking for protection during a game.

These elbow pads are designed for a youth who wants to play hockey and come in a large size. They fit over the entire elbow with straps on both sides to keep them firmly in place.

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It also has a sleeve inside that is designed to improve comfort while you’re using them so you don’t have to worry about the rough interior of the unit. These are designed to keep you from serious injury if you fall during a hockey game.

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to use long term
  • High quality to last a long time
  • Fit great while playing
  • Starts to get warm while playing for a long time
  • Can slip occasionally during use
  • Difficult to bend the elbow while using

Value of Finding the Best Hockey Elbow Pads

If you have the right hockey elbow pads you’ll be able to keep yourself from being injured in your next game, or at least lessen the chances that you’ll be injured. The extra foam that is provided in the pads is going to help you when there’s any kind of impact.

The best hockey pads are also going to help you have a better performance because you don’t have to worry as much about injury or falling with these pads to protect you. You’re also not going to have to worry about sweat because the good ones will have some type of moisture wicking available.

Another important thing to consider is that you’ll be able to play a whole lot more because you’re not going to be injured and you’ll have the ability to just keep going without any concern for what could happen.


Overall, the Warrior Senior is the better option if you’re looking for elbow pads. They’re slightly more expensive, but they’re going to give you some added benefits and features that will definitely help to make up for that.

These elbow pads are designed to fit tight to the arm but to allow for moisture wicking to get rid of sweat, bacteria and odor at the same time. They’re easy to use and they’re easy to tighten as needed.

Though these elbow pads do need a little adjustment throughout the game, they are definitely still going to provide a good balance and will help you protect your elbows from injury with falls.