Best Hockey Pants

Hockey pants are designed to protect you when it comes to dangerous situations out on the ice, like a fall or a hit. The do this by providing you with extra padding and support from the waist to the knees and with the right ones, you can get knocked down again and again and just keep getting back up again.

The Best Hockey Pants

The best hockey pants should fit you so you can move but without sliding or bunching while you skate. After all, if the pants are sliding up under your regular hockey uniform you’re definitely not going to be comfortable to keep skating or keep moving.

Hockey pants should also have a decent amount of padding because, after all, that’s what they are for. They should be padded throughout but especially in more sensitive areas as this can help avoid bruising and other injury.

The hockey pants need to have a strong material on the outside as it will come into contact with a number of other things. They will be rubbing against other materials while you wear them and potentially against the ice and that means you need them to stand up to a lot of hard falls and pressure.

The Best Overall Hockey Pants

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Bauer Senior Vapor X60 Pant

These pants are designed with four different color options as well as three different sizes. They are relatively inexpensive, but provide a good amount of support and protection throughout that makes them a good pick.

These pants have a tapered fit that’s made with foam and poly inserts and covered with an abrasion resistant shell. They also have suspender buttons, an outer belt and nylon gussets as well as having split thigh guards.

There is a lot of protection everywhere in these and they have a traditional style for hockey pants to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re wearing them and that you’re going to be more protected than you might be with other pants that offer less padding.

These also offer a lot of mobility so you can continue to play just like you always do without having to worry about injury. They lace together with a traditional closure system and even have hydrophobic mesh on the inside lining.

  • Doesn’t restrict movement in the legs
  • Provide good coverage
  • Fit just like they should
  • Solid padding
  • Several color/size options
  • Back suspender button doesn’t stay on well
  • Not a lot of side protection
  • Can run a little small

Best Budget Hockey Pants

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Shock Doctor Men’s Core Loose Hockey Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup

These shorts are designed to give you an alternative to large and bulky hockey pants. They are a loose fit rather than the more close fit of traditional pants and provide a lot more stretch and freedom of movement.

These shorts have a cup inside that offers additional protection but the shorts themselves are designed with moisture wicking and ventilation which helps you stay warm but not get too hot while you’re skating on the ice.

The shorts come in six different sizes and provide just the right amount of support and protection through the more sensitive areas of the body. They are designed to fit well but without the tight bunching or awkward style of traditional pants.

  • Loose fit is comfortable
  • Protective cup fits well
  • Holds socks up with Velcro
  • Cup straps not built into shorts
  • Velcro for socks is scratchy
  • Can be a little small

Value of Finding the Best Hockey Pants

Having the best hockey pants is going to keep you safer and more protected when you actually play the game because you’re going to have a better chance of avoiding injury and even broken bones. The right pants provide advanced padding that protects your entire body but without hindering your ability to play.

With the right pants you should also have a good fit that keeps your movements just as smooth and steady as they are without the pants. After all, you don’t want to have your pants bunching up or falling down while you’re moving because you want to be able to skate just like you normally do.

When you get good pants they should fit comfortably so you don’t feel like you’re being pressured or like they’re going to fall down at any time. They need to feel like they’re going to stay where you want them to be and that you won’t have any problems or you’re going to be nervous about them the entire game.

Make sure your pants are also designed to fit the way you want them to with either suspenders or an elastic belt or anything else that you want, but they should be designed for what you’re looking for in particular.


Overall, the Bauer Senior Vapor Pant is the best option when it comes to hockey pants. These actually provide protection for the entire lower body and make sure that you’re going to be comfortable and safe at the same time.

You’ll be able to choose the color and size that you want and even choose different ways to use them with a belt or with suspenders (or both) and when you do you’re going to have a good amount of protection and comfort.

These pants are designed to help you with your game and help you feel better and they definitely do succeed.