Best Hockey Shoulder Pads

Hockey shoulder pads are definitely important when you’re playing because they protect your upper body from being injured. These pads are designed with a lot of padding not just over the shoulders but over the front and back of the body as well as long as you get the right ones.

The Best Hockey Shoulder Pads

The best pads are going to help you stay safe while you’re on the ice, which definitely isn’t always easy. They are going to have a large number of pads throughout the upper half of the body to make sure that you aren’t suffering from broken bones or other injuries as easily when you’re hit by another player, a stick, a puck or even the ice or the wall.

You want to have hockey pads that are easy to put on because something with too many complicated straps is only going to cause you more problems than anything else. You want to be able to slip on your pads, maybe tighten up a few sections, and then be on your way however you need.

Choose something that is going to fit you properly as well because there are definitely different sizes and styles for a reason. If you aren’t comfortable in your pads you’re not going to be able to move as well and you’re definitely not going to do as well as a player.

Make sure you have pads that are made of good quality materials that aren’t going to rip or tear on the very first impact because you could end up spending a lot of money if that’s the type of equipment you have. You want something that’s going to last you at least a season and preferably a lot longer than that.

Best Overall Hockey Shoulder Pads

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Warrior Senior Dynasty AX1 Hockey Shoulder Pad

These pads are designed to cover the entire upper body and look pretty great while doing it too. They have integrated stretch technology which is designed to help you still move around freely while you’re wearing them.

These pads also have a large amount of protection while still reducing the amount of bulk and weight that you have to carry around with you. This means you’ll still be able to get just the same performance with the pads as you will without them, improving your accuracy and your game.

The War-Tech material is bright yellow in color and helps to wick away moisture throughout the underside of the pads, so you can feel more comfortable and dry. This also helps to mitigate bacterial problems as well as odor.

The style of these pads is unique and looks great while you’re wearing them as well. Though not as important, this definitely is a nice addition to the other features that come with these pads.

  • Moisture wicking liner
  • Polygiene liner to fight bacteria and odor
  • Lightweight at 1 pound
  • Protects entire upper body
  • Can be a little bulky
  • Needs some adjusting
  • Sizing can be a little small

Best Budget Shoulder Pads

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Sher-Wood 9950 Tradition Shoulder Pads

These shoulder pads are designed to fit comfortably over the body and provide just the right amount of protection so that you can feel safe hitting the ice with the team. They are designed to look sleek while you wear them as well and still offer a great price.

These are able to get you a good start and a decent amount of protection without hindering your movements or costing a fortune. They’re designed to fit all the way over the upper body and have floating front and back protectors to improve support.

These pads also have a special lining on the inside that helps you stay dry while you’re playing without having to worry about comfort either. You’ll be able to also keep out most bacteria because it wicks away sweat and other moisture while you’re playing.

  • Keeps you very mobile
  • Very light to wear
  • Antibacterial liner on the inside
  • Protects the upper body
  • Not as much protection as others
  • Can be a little thin
  • Not a lot of support

Value of Finding the Best Hockey Shoulder Pads

If you’re looking for good shoulder pads you want to make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re getting because the right amount of padding could save you from a serious injury. Not only that, but it could save you from some pain in the process.

You want to be able to move freely and easily inside your shoulder pads and that means you want something that is fitted to you in just the right way. It’s not just about being loose or tight because you want something that’s somewhere in the middle to get the right fit and the right level of comfort for it.

With the right pads you’re also going to feel less sweaty during the game because they come with moisture wicking to help you feel better. You’re also going to have less problems with odor and bacteria because of the moisture wicking capabilities.


Overall, the Warrior Senior Dynasty pads are going to give you the best possible fit and style. They’re going to give you more protection as well, which is definitely important when you’re playing a game because you don’t want to get injured.

They are more expensive, but they’re going to make up for that with the added features that you get in exchange including the moisture wicking, the reduction of bulk and the low weight that come along with it. At the same time they also keep you mobile while you play.