Best Hockey Skates

Ice skating can be a whole lot of fun, but it requires a little bit of practice to really get out there as part of a hockey team. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know just what skates are the best option, which is why we are here to help you out.

The Best Hockey Skates

The best hockey skates for you are going to depend on what you’re really hoping to do with them. If you want to just have some fun on the ice with your friends and family you’re not looking for the same thing as if you’re getting on the ice with a team.

The best hockey skates are going to be comfortable, durable, and supportive while still allowing you to move around with ease. They also need to have good blades and have ankle support so you don’t fall at a crucial moment in the game.

The material that your skates are made with is important because it tells whether they can stand up to wear and tear and whether the blades will last. Carbon steel blades tend to be the strongest, while the boots themselves should be made with a synthetic nylon or leather, though they may use molded plastic in the lower part of the boot.

Best Overall Hockey Skates

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Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate

The Bauer Senior Supreme Skates are an all-around skate that will work for just about anyone who wants fun or something geared to the professional side.

These skates are made with anatomical, thermo-moldable exterior. The material is a premium nylon and microfiber liner along with TPR outsole and stainless steel runners.

These skates are designed to fit just like regular shoes and are sized to a running shoe size. They are true to the size and come in men’s sizes 7 – 12 for an easy fit.

Overall, these skates have a stylish look but require sharpening before you are able to use them out of the box. They look like a high top sneaker with black and grey form and yellow accents.

  • Available in sizes 7 – 12
  • Fit true to shoe size
  • Moldable outer framework
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Moderate weight
  • Don’t seem to last over the long term
  • Need to be sharpened to use initially
  • Blades cannot be replaced

Best Budget Hockey Skates

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American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates

These American Athletic Shoe Senior Skates are designed for those who want something more casual and comfortable to have some fun.

These skates are made with thick cushion padding to provide more warmth as well as be more comfortable. They’re also designed to provide support and stability around the ankles like a hiking boot.

The American Athletic skates are designed to fit just like a regular running shoe. They are considered true to size and come in men’s sizes for 6 – 13 for a better fit.

These skates are stylish in frame and have a large logo on the side in a bold print. They also come with dull blades and must be sharpened before they are used the first time.

  • Available in sizes 6 – 13
  • Fit true to shoe size
  • Comfortable cushion interior
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Stiff when using
  • Not as durable over long term
  • Difficult to execute more complex maneuvers

Value of Finding the Best Hockey Skates

If you’re looking to get out there and skate with your friends or your team you want to make sure you have a good tool to do it with. The right skates keep you upright and moving, while the wrong ones leave you sitting on the sidelines.

Hockey skates are larger and more bulky than figure skates to provide more support. They also have a shorter blade, which is important for maneuvers with playing hockey so you can’t swap out the two forms.

The right hockey skates are going to have high quality material to them as well, because they should be made ready to withstand a lot of wear and tear. There are many times you could end up scraping these skates on the ground and you want to know they can stand up to it.

You need to be able to sharpen the blades to a fine edge to provide just the right level of support but also keep you able to do complicated slides or stops. There should be a smooth edge at the base rather than too much of a groove that can keep you from these advanced moves.

Choose skates that are comfortable to wear over the long term. A hockey game may not seem like it is that long but if you have uncomfortable or unsupportive skates it will definitely be a long game.

Make sure the skates you choose fit you just right. You don’t want them to slip around on your feet as this can cause blisters while being too tight can cause rubbing and chaffing.

The right amount of support around the ankle is also important. When skating you will be bending the ankles a lot to get the right type of movement and a lack of support can result in your ankles giving out or being injured.

Style may not be important to the overall use of the skates but it definitely plays a part in how well you like them so make sure you’re getting something that looks good. There are all different colors and styles for skates that you can choose from.



Overall, the Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate seems like the best option. These skates are slightly less expensive than the American Athletic, but seem to have at least as many features.

In particular, these skates have thermo-moldable, anatomical frames which is definitely important to keeping your feet protected and comfortable. They also have specialty liners, outsoles and runners to keep them working for a long time.

These skates are also designed to fit just like your regular shoes do, and have a stylish look to them that makes them great for getting on the ice. They also have plenty of support at the ankle without feeling like there is too much pressure.