Best Hockey Stick

One of the most essential pieces of equipment that you will need to play hockey with is a hockey stick. There are so many styles and brands available on the market to choose from. Each one has its own unique qualities that the manufacturer feels will make their hockey stick superior to all of the other brands.

How do you know just exactly which stick is the best one that you should purchase? Should you base your decision on brand name, price, quality, or features? Or, do you make your decision based on the number of positive or negative reviews that it has received by customers who have previously purchased it? For many people, both the reviews and the features are what helps them to make their final decision about which hockey stick they will purchase.


Most amateur hockey players prefer to use the same brand of hockey sticks that are used by professional players of the NHL. They are popular and known for their high performance rating. Bauer and Easton are the most commonly known brands of hockey sticks, both for youth and adult use. They are also the brands that have been making sticks for the longest amount of time. They are known for both wood and composite sticks. Because both of these brands of sticks are so popular, it is often difficult to find the one that you really want, especially after looking at many different types of sticks.

The Best Budget Hockey Stick

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Bauer Nexus NX6000 Senior Grip Hockey Stick

The Bauer Nexus NX6000 Senior Grip Hockey Stick is a composite hockey stick that has a Nexus sweet spot. Much like the sweet spot on a tennis racket, the Nexus sweet spot offers just the right amount of pressure as you make contact with the puck to help propel it towards the goal net. This stick is intended for right handed players. The pro blade profile is similar to the blades that professional players use. Unlike a wooden hockey stick, it is:

  • Made of a composite construction
  • Has double concave walls
  • A pro blade profile
  • Double basket weave wrap on the blade
  • Power profile dual taper
  • Has Nexus Sweet Spot Technology which reacts to hand positions for easy and smooth transfer of energy

Best Overall Hockey Stick

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Easton Stealth CX Senior Grip Hockey Stick

This left handed stick has a grip that will ensure that you have a good hold on your stick while skating and hitting the puck. The multiple carbon I-beams create strong stability and response throughout the entire blade. You will hit like a pro every time that the blade of this stick makes contact with the puck. It provide increased energy transfer and torsional resistance with every stroke.

  • Stiffened toe regions for improved shots across the toe
  • High impact resistant strength and stretch properties due to the reinforced resin matrix
  • Has a hyperlite design
  • Adds velocity through stability with its Exo Rim blade construction
  • A one piece stick construction compared to other sticks that have separate blade and shaft construction

How do the Reviews Stand Up?

Both of these sticks have received multiple positive reviews. The names speak for themselves. However, the patented technologies in each of these sticks help to determine just which of these two sticks are better. For example, some players who have purchased the Easton stick have done so because of the better grip advantage that it has. Others felt that the improved grip feature really did not make any difference at all. Some felt that because of the hyperlite design, the Easton stick had better grip because it was not as heavy as other Easton sticks or other sticks that were slightly comparable in design, weight and size.

One reviewer felt that the connection with the puck on the Easton Stealth CX was much improved compared to Easton’s older V9E. It handled much better than S19, even though it was very similar to it. However, the same reviewer did say that if you liked the S19, you were in for a real treat if you chose the Stealth CX. In addition, the acrylic finish had a much better feel than the previous matte finish of the S19. Therefore, the grip was much better due to the difference in finish alone.

The Nexus Sweet Spot Technology that is the key feature of the Bauer Nexus NX6000 was a charming attraction for this stick. The idea that a sweet spot could give them better advantage of making direct contact with the puck was something to really look forward to. Two reviewers thought that overall this was a really great stick. One reviewer said that he really liked the feel of the blade. It wasn’t heavy. It didn’t drag across the ice. It didn’t have a scraping sensation as when you made a connection with the puck compared to some other blades.