Best Home Gym

The best home gym is going to be one that you can use to get yourself in shape all over your body. You want to make sure that you’re not going too cheap, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that isn’t going to get you a good workout at the same time, which is where we come in.

The Best Home Gym

The absolute best home gym is going to be one that combines the price that you can afford with all of the capabilities that you want. The gym should have a variety of different aspects to it that allow you to work out in several different ways whenever you get started.

Your gym should be able to work every part of the body from your arms and core to your legs and more. You want something that will not focus on just one area of the body but will help you get prepared for whatever you might be going for.

Your gym should be sturdy and durable to withstand a lot of use and abuse while you’re getting in shape without getting damaged in any way. This means it should be made with high quality, strong materials and it should be a good brand that offers a good warranty.

Make sure you can get a unit that will fit well for your home and the amount of space that you have available. Some gyms are a lot larger than others and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be any better than the others.

Best Overall Home Gym

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Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

While this gym is not designed for just everyone, it definitely does have a lot of capabilities and will help you get a varied workout during your session.

The Bowflex Xtreme is designed to offer more than 70 different exercises that will help your entire body from head to toe. It’s also able to provide up to 210 pounds of resistance with the standard power rod but can be upgraded to 410 pounds of resistance for a stronger workout.

This unit offers a lot of capability but doesn’t take up a huge amount of space at the same time so you can still have other equipment in your home gym. Not only that but there is no need to change out cables or rewire anything so you can switch from one workout to the next with no problem at all.

What We Liked

The unit itself is heavy duty and made to fit a range of different exercises and body sizes. It can adjust easily to accommodate several different users all at the same time.

  • More than 70 different exercises
  • Upgradable to 410 pounds of resistance
  • Compact size for so much ability
  • Switches from one exercise to the next
  • Not as natural as traditional free weights
  • Non-linear weight balance
  • Difficult to get started
  • Difficult to assemble

Best Budget Home Gym

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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

This gym is less expensive and offers a smaller range of activities that can be done than the other Bowflex model recommended. It’s designed for those who want a good workout without as much introductory cost.

This unit offers over 30 different exercises that can work the entire body. It also offers up to 210 pounds of resistance when used with the highest amount available and can be pared back to only 5 pounds for smaller users or those who are just getting started.

This Bowflex is designed to offer a range of different activities and capabilities while also taking up the least amount of space possible. It’s built to fold up slightly when certain parts are not in use to make sure it takes up even less space on the floor.

What We Liked

This unit is made of heavy duty materials and is able to be customized easily so that it can suit a range of different users of different sizes and workout needs without a lot of adjustment.

  • More than 30 different exercises
  • Up to 210 pounds of resistance
  • Compact size for so much ability
  • Switches from one exercise to the next
  • Easy to put together
  • Can’t upgrade to higher weight
  • Focuses mainly on the upper body
  • Does not allow for cardio workout

Value of Finding the Best Home Gym

Having a gym at home that you can use is important because it means you don’t need to travel in order to get a good workout. You are able to exercise all the different parts of your body while remaining in your own home for convenience or because of weather or other reasons.

This type of gym allows you to work all different parts of the body with just one machine instead of needing a large gym in the home that is full of different machines. You can replace the majority of your pieces with this one to get all over work.

These gyms come in all different sizes and price ranges to fit your needs so you can get something that is large and capable of many workouts or something smaller that works best for only a moderate number. The choice is up to you.


Overall, if you have the space and the money for it, the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE is the best option because it provides you with a lot of exercise capability as well as room to grow. Because it can do more than 70 different exercises you get a better, all around workout and because it can upgrade to 410 pounds it will work for you much longer.

This unit also has a small size for how much you are able to do with it and you will be able to still have other equipment if you need or want it in the space. You will also be able to get a lot of work out of this without having to take up too much room if you have a smaller space.

Finally, though this unit is much more expensive, it definitely has all around capabilities and provides for everything you could need including back and shoulder exercises.